If you’re like us, you love the look of mulch but think the bags are heavy, awkward, and messy.
It’s a backbreaking process that literally stinks!

Regular Mulch IS PAINFUL

Picture this: You drive to the garden center, move heavy, awkward bags to your car, stack more than will comfortably fit, drive home, put gloves on, and load up your wheelbarrow. Next, you rip the plastic and haphazardly dump mulch everywhere just to bend over and spread it by hand or with a rake. A lot of work, but at least it’s time for a cold beverage, right? Wrong! You still need to vacuum your car, throw away a mountain of non-recyclable plastic bags, and check the expiration date on your ibuprofen. And we’ve been doing it this way, for as long as our lower back can remember…

SmartMulch is “Smart”

We asked: What if mulch wasn’t such a pain in the you know what? What if it was lightweight to carry, compact and clean and odorless to transport, installed in minutes without tools or gloves, actually prevented weeds, and was delivered in zero-waste packaging. What if mulch was, well, smart?
And now it is!

SmartMulch was purposefully designed for an amazing mulching experience!

But don’t take our word for it… Try it yourself!



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The Team @ SmartMulch